cdp display

Ground displays

"We do not buy what we want, we consume what we want to be." - John Hegarty

... and we seeing it the same way. That ́s why the satisfaction of our customers is particularly important to us. We ́d be glad to advise you from the idea to the production right up to the mass production including final delivery. Our production site in Elmshorn, Hamburg includes an extensive machine park for the processing of a wide range of materials such as cardboard, wood, honeycomb boards and foils. Lamination and lining is produced in-house, like the printing production with a high- resolution, water-based ink system on high-quality reel paper and UV printing. With the help of our large-format high-end cutting technology, the most diverse machining options are all covered. Are you not sure about the material or production choice of your product? We are happy to advise you and find the right solution.

We will help you to communicate your advertising message or product presentation to your customers without a doubt. Hitting the right nerve with our ground displays, which are exclusively designed for you according to your wishes. This gives you a tailor-made and unique product, which can be supplemented with various accessories such as dispensers or top signs.

Counter displays

"Be on a par with your customers - that's what matters." - cdp

In order to be on a par with your customers and to get the highest attention, we develop and manufacture individual displays for your point of sale. No matter whether it is a pure advertising space, a brochure or flyer holder or a sales display equipped with your items. We would be pleased to advise you personally in order to find the best possible solution for your company.


Our biomaterial is produced from renewable raw materials. In the case of transparent material, the proportion of renewable resources is 80%, for white material up to 70%. Through the use of natural, renewable raw materials, the resource efficiency is significantly higher than with other materials and thus ensures a sustainable, positive ecological balance. The remnants that are generated here are mostly water and biomass (mold), which are compostable / biodegradable. No poisons or heavy metals are released. This material is produced with hydroelectric power. ...and when your display has been disused, it can be composted.



Shop window decoration

"Whoever wants to affect other people must first talk to them in their language." - Kurt Tucholsky

Put your products in its true light at the point of sale? From now on no problem. Out of different materials we manufacture exclusive decorative articles for you. In order to give their presence at the POS a very special note, we only use the highest quality textiles as coating materials for decorative platforms and podiums. In this way, you will receive the complete range of decoration for the best possible staging of your products. We are there to you from the idea to the mass production.


Rolling in

"Time itself is an element." - Johann W. von Goethe

So that you can enjoy your products for a long time which have been damaged by casting or pouring before, we permanently embed your objects in acrylic glass. A characteristic of acrylic glass is the filtering of UV rays, so that your object gets maximum protection. With rolling in acrylic glass, almost all objects, items, silk-screen-, digital- and offset-printing as well as liquids can be enclosed between two acrylic glass plates. Completely free from adhesive or solvent use, as well as without a visible adhesive seam.

Maximum size of a rolling in: 550 x 650 x 50 mm


"Special achievements deserve special awards." - cdp

It has always been like this. We have set ourselves the task that our major customers from industry, trade and sports award trophies from our company. The awards produced by us are custom-made and are not a product off the shelf. We are producing every single item according to your wishes - from the individual piece to the series everything in-house. Exclusiveness and high-class are our number one priority. These are given to your product with special manufacturing techniques such as roll in or with the help of stylish combinations of different materials.