cdp display

Design & Development

We supply you with a contemporary and competitive design with the certainty of being able to reproduce it rationally.

Design and budget build the basis for every project. Do you already have an exact idea of your future POS display or are there only rough ideas? As an experienced partner in the development of POS solutions, we offer you powerful 3D representations, which build the basis for the exact matching with your expectations. We combine design and manufacturing techniques, as well as the optimal material to the best possible package.

Materials & Products

A discipline that we master in particular is the finishing of surfaces, as well as the combination and selection of ideally matching materials.

We coat (amongst others) cardboards, plastics and wood with textiles such as silk, foil and veneer. Especially when it comes to processing high-quality fabrics and canvas, we are a competent partner. This applies particularly to the area of sales for jewelery, watches and eyewear.

Decisive for the successful use of POS displays is the choice of materials for longevity, lightness, stability, economics as well as environmental compatibility. Often the answer is the combination of different materials.

Processing & Production

On a production area of more than 3000 square meters, we have all possibilities of manufacturing.

By realizing almost all production steps in-house we can ensure maximum reliability during the whole process. We have state-of-the-art CNC-controlled manufacturing techniques in the fields of material processing and printing and can combine these with the very good craftsmanship skills of our production and assembly staff.

Service & Promise

"Innovative, on time and reliable." - cdp

We are your experienced and competent partner and work with you on equal levels. We have qualified ourselves to all areas of interest for a successful cooperation - from consulting, design, manufacturing, refining and shipping - we are your competent partner. Take our word when we say that quality has a tradition with us. We manufacture every product with the greatest possible precision and supply both individual production and mass production at the desired date.